25 3 / 2012

Check out our interview with Alex DeLeon of The Cab!

25 3 / 2012

Check out This Condition performing a new song for us here exclusively! It truly is such an amazing song.

18 3 / 2012

Okay everyone! The winner for our contest is…..


Congrats! Check your inbox! :)

03 3 / 2012

Don’t forget about our contest that we have going on! Click here to enter!

27 2 / 2012

Okay everyone! Contest time! I interviewed Brian from The Summer Set a few weeks ago and had him sign this for a contest. Want to win?! Well, here’s how!

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This contest ends March 17th! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Good luck! :D


12 2 / 2012


The atmosphere at Pop-Punk shows is so different and in my opinion, better and funner than Hardcore shows. 

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12 2 / 2012


And interview them. We have acoustics too. Oh, and we do the whole photography thing sometimes. 

Also, we’re working on compilations for free download starting this spring. The first one’s pop punk. Four bands confirmed. Get stoked and like our facebook.

Tagging this with bands we’ve interviewed now.

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12 2 / 2012

12 2 / 2012

So, I’m kinda bummed that no one ever really uses this blog. Because of this, I’m taking it over. Just so you all are aware.


02 2 / 2012